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Societal Use of PPE, Donning versus Doffing - PPE  Creative Solutions

Societal Use of PPE, Donning versus Doffing

Don a verb as webster defines put on (an item of clothing)"in the locker room the players donned their football jerseys"

Doff a verb as webster defines remove (an item of clothing) "he had doffed tied and jacket and rolled up his shirtsleeves"

Medical Professionals, First Responders all trained and educated in the importance of PPE facial protection to help decrease the predominant mode of transmission of respiratory illness which includes COVID -19. They have been using PPE facial protection long before COVID-19 happened into our lives. Accepting the inconvenience and sometimes discomfort, elevated facial heat, local dermal effects (temporary strap lines on skin) and the increased temperature of breathing air. As I like to think they use a managed and planned Donning and Doffing schedule! Wearing (donning) as required and when required! Not removing (doffing) at an inappropriate time.

PPE Creative Solutions noting the importance of facial protection and the increased communal use realized comfort and the ease to don on and off would play a critical role in its daily use.  We focussed our mission with a simple statement Don Not Doff in Public Space (DNDIPS). Put on don't take public spaces.

We started with the Face Shield/Visor that was available in various forms and designs, all providing a clear plastic barrier that covers the face.

Faces shields can offer advantages, reused indefinitely and easy to clean. Comfort varies by design but they are over all easy to don on and off and less restrictive than other face coverings. They offer protection to eyes and can prevent the wearer from touching their face. They serve as a visual reminder to maintain social distancing while allowing visibility of facial expression and lip movement for the hearing impaired.

Our Comfort Shield (visor) design is fashioned around high-end sunglasses. It is very comfortable and stylish with a unisex design. Our frame using a spring tension arms makes for a universal size (young adults both male and female to adults). The high bridge nose rest is designed to be worn with eyewear. The clear lens can be cost effectively easily changed to extend its life.

Comfort Shield is very comfortable, stylish and easy to put on and take off.  The design minimize inconvenience when completing normal daily routine. We feel Comfort Shield meets our mission statement of DNDIPS. 

PPE facial protection, social distancing and proper hygiene all play a critical role in decreasing the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illness. National along with Local Public Health Officials set guidance for each region.  I recommend following their rules as a minimum when deciding your best protection in public spaces. 

Even the best PPE solution will not help if you do not use it

Stay safe.

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